Our Executive Board 2023-2024

 Michelle Vea, President

Michelle and her husband Eric, along with their two girls Jemma and Sadie are relatively new to the country. They moved to Bothell from Canada in the summer of 2018. Their family has always been serious Seahawks fans so it was an easy choice. GO HAWKS!! It didn't take Michelle long to climb the PTA tree (so to speak), as soon as Jemma entered Kindergarten Michelle joined the PTA and took on the role of membership. Only one year later, jumped into the Vice President role and following president. Michelle loves to volunteer at the school and is happiest when she is at the school being hands on with the children and families. Sadie is in first grade so Michelle has lots of years of PTA'ing ahead of her. 

Contact Michelle at michelle.v@flepta.org


Mairead Okon, Vice President

Mairead and her family have been with the Frank Love community for 5 years, She started off volunteering as an art docent in both her kids classes. Olivia her eldest is now entering fifth while Evan is entering second. She really enjoys encouraging kids to explore with art and finding pride in their work. 

Mairead likes to combine her creative and technical skills helping the PTA manage the site and working through various other channels alongside the communication committee to keep all the members up to date on events and current issues. She is also the coordinator of after school programs for the PTA.

Contact Mairead at maireado@flepta.org


Tara Gibb, Secretary

Tara and her family are Canadians who lived in Los Angeles for five years before making the move to Bothell in 2022. They are so happy to be living in a cooler climate with endless green spaces to explore. Tara joined the PTA as a special education co-representative and recently volunteered to take on the role of secretary. Tara has a range of skills to contribute to the PTA from her background in education and social science research. She especially appreciates the welcoming environment of the Frank Love community.


Contact Tara at tara@flepta.org

Tyler Proffitt, Treasurer

Tyler and his family have lived in Bothell for the past 7 years. A graduate of Lake Washington High School and Washington State University, he has been part of the local community since he was little. He joined the PTA as the treasurer last year and volunteers in both his kids' classrooms & recess as often as he can.
Tyler also coaches his daughters TBall and sons baseball team outside of PTA. 
Tyler and his wife Katie have 3 kids, a 2nd grader, 1st grader & their youngest will go to Frank Love next year.


Contact Tyler at tyler@flepta.org 

Our Board of Directors 2023-2024


  • Michelle Vea, President michelle.v@flepta.org / info@flepta.org 
  • Mairead Okon, Vice President - maireado@flepta.org
  • Tyler Proffitt, Treasurer - tyler@flepta.org 
  • Tara Gibb, Secretary - tara@flepta.org 
  • Membership, Elsa Walker - elsajuliet@hotmail.com
  • Art Docent - Renae Sowald - renae@flepta.org 
  • Communications, Mairead Okon & Heidi Crow - heidi@flepta.org 
  • Staff Appreciation, Lauren Frazier - lauren.frazier2013@gmail.com
  • Advocacy/DEI, Jan Need - janneed07@gmail.com
  • Student Enrichment Team - Mairead Okon & Amber Lohner  - maireado@flepta.org & amber@flepta.org
  • FLE Staff Liaison, Sherry Weber - sweber@nsd.org
  • Special Education Team Tara Gibbs , Jan Need & Eman Radwan- tara@flepta.org, janneed07@gmail.com, eman@flepta.org
  • Reflections, Renae Sowald, reflections@flepta.org