FLE Art Docent

FLE Art Docent Program

Getting Started

Thank you for being part of our Art Docent program! We literally can not teach art in every classroom without you. Below you will find the information you need to plan and carry out lessons this year. But first, please contact the Art Docent Coordinator Renae Sowald at renae@flepta.org and complete the background check as well as the COVID-19 vaccination verification form, both of which are on the NSD Volunteer Website. You only need to complete the background check level 1 as an art docent.

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Frameworks: Your Complete Lesson Plan

The Northshore School District docent portal (password: artdocent2019) has been redeveloped over the last few years, but some frameworks are still works in progress. Others have great Powerpoints and detailed explanations of the process. You can check out all of the options to see what speaks to you. If you love a project that is not fully fleshed out, feel free to build your own powerpoint or reach out for assistance.

Alternatively, we have used frameworks from the Lake Washington School District Art Docent Program over the last couple of years because they generally have Powerpoints and often cover the same artists and works that NSD does.

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Where Are the Art Supplies?

All of the materials you will need are in the PTA portable, portable 3. When you sign in at the office, you will request the portable 3 key (or grab it yourself after you are a regular). The 4 supply cabinets are clearly marked with "Art Docent," and many of the shelves are labeled. If you notice we are running low on an item or can't find what you need, please let the coordinator know ASAP. If you need a supply quickly and don't have time to coordinate the purchase with the coordinator, you can buy it yourself and be reimbursed. Please note that the art docent program has a budget, so it is best to run purchases past the coordinator first.

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Art Walk

We have not done an art walk for the last 3-4 years, but we are planning one to have one in April this school year! Please save your favorite project for the Art Walk, as we want every student to be represented at this event. You may keep the artwork at Frank Love, or you may keep it at your home if you have space. Once you have chosen which project you would like to display at the Art Walk, please ensure every child has an opportunity to complete that particular project. For example, if a child is sick, or if a new student is added, please circle back to complete the project with that child.